RC Sproul: Carnal Christianity is a heretical doctrine

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Surprised By Suffering 4 – What Heaven is Like – RC Sproul

The Inerrancy Summit 2015 – John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, RC Sproul

The Inerrancy Summit Session 01 John MacArthur

The Inerrancy Summit Session 02 Alistair Begg

The Inerrancy Summit Session 03 RC Sproul

First Google hangout with R. C. Sproul

rc sproul 2Ligonier held its first Google hangout with R. C. Sproul. Here are the questions that were asked by various people through Ligonier’s Facebook page, Twitter and on the Ligonier Youtube hangout page:

  1. (2:00) Have you ever, or do you ever doubt the existence of God?
  2. (5:00) If Jesus bore our sins on the cross, why did He not have to go to hell for eternity?
  3. (7:00) My 9 year old son asked us, „What happens to babies that are aborted? Do they go to heaven?” What should we, as parents, tell him?
  4. (9:00) A question regarding Scripture, specifically, the book of Revelation. How did the book of Revelation get circulated, since John was in prison, on an island?
  5. (10:30) Let’s go back and touch on: You say, we would at least have hope for children of believers, that they would be in heaven. What would you say if they visited your church and asked why you baptize infants?
  6. (14:30) What happens when we die? Do we face God’s judgment twice: when we die, and then again on the last day? And if on the last day, where do we wait?
  7. (16:00) Essential to the Christian life is prayer. Is it wrong to ask God for something that is not a basic need?
  8. (18:00) We had a few questions in regards to how God communicates to us today. Does God give us messages in dreams that involve us to interpret them?
  9. (19:30) What would you say to a woman who told you she felt called to be an elder?
  10. (21:30) The question of burial vs. cremation. Is there a biblical view of what is right?
  11. (23:50) Why do believers still struggle with sin? And, at what frequency of sin should a believer begin to question his or her salvation?
  12. (27:15) If someone came to you and they were grieving over the possibility that they’ve lost their salvation, what kind of counseling would you give them?
  13. (30:00) If Jesus were to walk the earth today would he be passive or would He stand against such legislation as gay marriage?
  14. (31:30) Calvinism and free will. What is it that keeps fueling this debate?
  15. (33:50) In regards to eschatology- Do you believe the second apearing of Christ will be between the next 5-10 years? Why or why not?
  16. (34:30) Enoch and Elijah did not see death. Is physical death inevitable for the believer? 
  17. (35:20) What would you say if you only had 1 minute to share the Gospel with someone? ANSWER: I would say to that person that their only hope in life and in death was the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ, and that they would have to flee to Him, in confessing of their sin, and embracing Him, that He may transfer to them His perfect righteousness, so that they may stand before a holy God.

Streamed live on May 6, 2013 A live „Ask R.C.” event with Dr. R.C. Sproul recorded on May 6, 2013. VIDEO by LigonierMinistries

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