Matt Chandler – Recovering Redemption – Q & A with Matt Chandler May 6th, 2014

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Tell us a bit about the beginning of Recovering Redemption.

My own experience had been that for people who legitimately struggled because of their past or the nature of the sin they were caught up in, the church hadn’t been a safe place for them. So I wanted us to interact with those people in a way that was biblically faithful and pressing them towards holiness, while being gracious and walking with them as long as they were willing to fight.

That moved us toward a recovery ministry, which started after my first year of being pastor here. We had everything from the heroin addict and alcoholic to the guy with an anger issue or the person whose relationships kept breaking down. Any type of short circuit in people’s lives was being ministered to by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the recovery ministry.

So we wondered if we should take what we’ve been teaching in recovery—which is really just discipleship on steroids—and roll it out on Sunday morning and create small group curriculum around it.


Talk about your biblical/theological approach to Recovering Redemption.

Ultimately we want to lay before people the full panoramic of the Gospel—that you’re a broken sinner. Your only real hope is the person and work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit giving you the illuminating understanding of that person and work, and then for you to walk in an ongoing Christian ethic of confession and repentance and prayer. That’s going to start to put together relationships and that’s going to begin to help you do amends.

So we pressed that on people in a way that they felt safe confessing where they were coming from, safe unpacking their struggles, even some of the thoughts they were having that they were so embarrassed of. To create that venue really has fueled conversions and maturity at the church.

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Q & A with Matt Chandler May 6th 2014

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