Church: It’s our time (Video poem)

lead beyond our walls our time church

from IgniterMedia This video is a plea to today’s Church to take its rightful place as the steward of the gospel. We can no longer be restrained by either our excuses or sins. It’s our time to rise up and serve a watching world.

We must rise up and no longer disparage
It’s our time church, to honor our heritage.
We have a Savior, He gave it all on the cross
We stand behind martyrs who counted nothing as loss.
They took God’s mysteries, opened them up for us
Stephen, John the Baptist, Bonhoffer, John Huss
Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses above
It’s now our turn to model His unending love.

Our mission is one we cannot confuse
Or muddy up with some trite excuse.
You say you’re not well versed, ready, or able
I think Moses even tried to use that fable.
The time we have is now more urgent
If we should hear, „Well done, faithful servant.”
Yeah Church, it’s our time.

It’s our time to confess the way we’re mangled
Our sins and selfishness that have us entangled.
Lust, greed, and pride, their path leads to the grave
Yet, we return to our sins as if we’re a slave.
Can we survive in this putrid dead sea?
I quote Paul, „May it never be?”

So, let’s cast aside our individual leprosy
And begin to leave a biblical legacy
There’s a glorious prize waiting to be won
And the way to win is to start to run.
Let’s lace them up and fight the good fight
By being to the world both salt and light.
Our life on earth is merely a vapor
Our chapter must move from pen to paper.

So church, let’s get to writing cause it’s our time
It’s our time church, we have what it takes
To help the church from its slumber awake.
To Jesus, we are His beautiful bride
Whom shall we fear with Him on our side.
We have each other, we are not alone
It’s iron to iron in the combat zone.
There’s a promise of life full of adventure
As long as we give both talents and treasure.

The workers are few, the harvest is plenty
There are so many lives running on empty.
Scores of people trying to cope
They’ve come to the end of their proverbial rope.
Young eyes are wondering, looking for direction
Let’s make sure we point them to His resurrection.
The clock’s ticking, we’re on our dime
Hey church: Rise up, it’s our time!

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