Harry Mihet – Apr 16, 2016 Sacramento Ca, protest for Bodnariu family

Apr 16, 2016 Sacramento Ca, protest for Bodnariu family, speaker Harry Mihet, Pastor Alin Bob

Apr 16, 2016 Sacramento Ca, protest for Bodnariu family, speaker Harry Mihet, Pastor Alin Bob

Liberty Counsel attorney Harry Mihet  represented the defendent in the well know case of Kentucky’s defiant clerk, Kim Davis. Kim Davis won her court case. Harry Mihet is vice president of legal affairs and chief litigation counsel at Liberty Counsel.
(Read more about this case here – The legal team behind Kentucky’s defiant clerk)

Harry Mihet:

„While we are here, the tragic fact remains that 4 out of the 5 Bodnariu children are still being held hostage by a lawless, a heartless, a morally bankrupt child protection service.  Now, we are not talking about Iran. We’re not talking about North Korea. And we’re not even talking about communist Romania or communist Russia (of old) where many of us have battled evil and oppressive regimes. No, we’re talking about the kingdom of Norway which pretends to be ruled by laws and being part of a civilized world. Well, we’ve got news for you, Norway. Prying 3 month old Ezekiel from his loving mother is neither lawful, nor civilized. Wrestling 2 year old John and 5 year old Matthew from the hands of the only father they’ve ever known is neither civilized, nor lawful. And ripping 7 year old Naomi and 9 year old Eliana away from their dedicated parents is neither lawful, nor civilized.

My friends, taking children away from their parents, breaking families apart, separating those children and placing them in surroundings with strangers is neither lawful, nor civilized. Now, by all accounts, and i mean BY ALL ACCOUNTS, Marius and Ruth Bodnariu  are model and exemplary parents who provide a warm and loving home for their five wonderful and happy  children.  You would have to search far and wide through the entire kingdom of Norway to find parents that are better parents or children that are more loved than the Bodnariu children.

And, believe me, Barnevernet has worked overtime in the last five months to justify its outrageous actions and to somehow prove that the children are ‘abused’. They have subjected the children to a battery of intrusive psychological, physical and medical tests including X-rays and CAT scans, all which showed what everyone already knows, that the children are healthy, happy and loved. Even Barnevernet’s own psychologist  has concluded after examining the family  that the children ar enot being abused and are not being mistreated.

So then, what? What did Marius and Ruth do to deserve the Barnevernet’s wrath? What was their heinous act that led to Barnevernet’s  jackbooted thugs barging into their home and stealing their five precious children? What was their crime?

THEIR CRIME, my friends, was TEACHING THEIR CHILDREN to LOVE the LORD, their God with all their heart, and all their mind, and all their soul. That was their one and only crime. The bigoted Barnevernet arrogantly calls that indoctrination and says that it’s dangerous. But, we know better. We call it loving responsible citizenship and parenting…..

VIDEO by Mona Sala

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VIDEO by Mona Sala

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