Brother Yun – from his visit to Saddleback Church in 2006

Brother Yun, author of „A Heavenly Man”,  began his ministry in 1974 in a country following a „living God”, Chairman Mao. Brother Yun led 3,000 people to Christ in his first year as a believer. He faced severe persecution. He was hunted as a national fugitive and arrested at least 30 times. He was without food and water for 74 days. He had his legs smashed by the secret police. In total, he spent over 3,790 days in prison, where he was tortured daily.

But, there were miracles, and God’s story was spread. Here he is at Rick Warren’s church in 2006:


Jesus’ Shocking Life – Peter Kreeft at Saddleback Church – Essential Apologetics

A „MUST LISTEN TO” lecture by every christian!

Photo of Dr. Peter Kreeft; courtesy of Boston College, Office of Marketing and CommunicationsPeter Kreeft, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and at the King’s
College (Empire State Building), in New York City. He is a regular contributor to
several Christian publications, is in wide demand as a speaker at conferences, and
is the author of over 63 books including:

From the Ahmanson Lecture Series at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church:
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1st collector for Jesus’ Shocking Life (Peter Kreeft) – YouTube
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Interview of the decade- John Piper with Rick Warren (video)

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