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Would there be any cautions that you would have for the New Reformed/New Calvinist Movement you referenced earlier?


I will give you one that is from a prophetic word given to me yesterday—take it or leave it. I’m cautious when people come to me with these kinds of things. But this rung true, and you can see that it is true without making a claim to special divine authority.

My caution concerns making theology God instead of God God. Loving doing theology rather than loving God.

Sam Crabtree said to me once, „The danger of the contemporary worship awakening is that we love loving God more than we love God.” That was very profound. And you might love thinking about God more than you love God. Or arguing for God more than you love God. Or defending God more than you love God. Or writing about God more than you love God. Or preaching more than you love God. Or evangelizing more than you love God.

Piper interviewed by Adrian Warnock

Adrian Warnock blogs at Here’s an interview (Part 4) done in Wales by Adrian Warnock, at the New World Alive Conference 2008, where John Piper discusses his family, his ministry, and among other things – which preachers he personally listens to :

Parts 1, 2, and 3

Here are the links to watch Part 1,  Part 2  („whether you are satisfied in God really makes a difference whether you can glorify God”) and Part 3 (what he learned from George Muller about how he now prays).

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