Listen to the 1st chapter of Ravi Zacharias’ – The End of Reason – Audiobook

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When Sam Harris wrote his book Letter to a Christian Nation, stating that Christians display „murderous intolerance,” Dr. Ravi Zacharias felt called to answer. The End of Reason is a clear and powerful response to the „utter bankruptcy” of Harris’s New Atheism as it explains the true nature of God, the foundation for evil in the world, and the basis of true morality. Read more at RZIM by clicking on photo at right.

Why God Won’t Go Away (Alister E. McGrath)

Professor Alister McGrath of Oxford University lectures in this video  from rfvidz.

A one-hour lecture given in January 2011 to students and parents at a leading London school, in which Alister McGrath welcomes the debate about God initiated by the New Atheism (headed by the so-called „Brights” like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett). The lecture engages some of the leading questions raised by the New Atheism, including whether faith is intrinsically violent, whether faith is irrational, and whether science undermines faith. Includes live questions from the audience.

Alister E. McGrath Home Page (Oxford  Univ.)

where you can access more information on his publications and lectures.

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