A short film about life, death & love of a savior.

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A Good Friday Meditation – How can the salvation of all mankind happen in this way?

by Bill Lawrence via www.bible.org  Photo via www.samuelandrade.blogspot.com/

  • A passionate prayer
  • A traitorous arrest
  • A trumped up charge
  • A false trial
  • Lying witnesses
  • A denying disciple
  • Washed hands
  • Unrighteous remorse
  • A Place called Skull
  • A remote crossroads of the world
  • Between two thieves
  • Sneering rulers
  • Scoffing bystanders
  • Abusive soldiers
  • Insensitive crucifiers
  • A repentant robber
  • A new mother and her new son
  • Weeping women
  • A worshipping Centurion
  • Three hours of darkness
  • The earth shakes
  • Some living dead
  • A criminal’s cross
  • A sealed stone
  • Salvation!

Salvation? How can the salvation of all mankind happen in this way? In this ignominious, inglorious way? How can this be? That all of the sins of all who have ever lived or are living or will live are paid for on a criminal’s cross? Aren’t criminals most in need of forgiveness? Can criminals even be forgiven? How can a Man who hung on a criminal’s cross pay for all the sin of all people?

And in Jerusalem of all places. Why not Rome, the political capital of the world? Or Athens, the cultural capital of the world? Or Alexandria, the educational capital of the world? Or Ephesus, one of the economic capitals of the world? Or Corinth, certainly one of the sin capitals of the world? Yes, that’s it, why wasn’t sin paid for in one of the greatest sin centers of history?

It just doesn’t make sense. How can this Friday be Good? And how could salvation happen in this way?

No blaring trumpets, no glorious angels, no parades of power and purity, just another Friday crucifixion in the ancient Roman empire. Amazing. Excruciatingly painful, but almost ho-hum for the Roman soldiers. Just one more criminal to throw on the trash heap of history and off we go for a few drinks and a good time of gaming.

Yet salvation did come this way. Yes, it did!

God had worked for thousands of years to provide His salvation. First there was creation, then rebellion, and then rejection, banishment, separation-we were cut off from God and Life. But that’s when God began the redemption process, first with promises, then with prophecies, and all with purpose, the purpose of demonstrating His power through His weakness as He kept His promises and fulfilled His prophecies. His Son became one of us: His Son became His Slave, His sacrifice. our Savior. And in Jerusalem.

God loves weakness because weakness is the greatest way He can show His power. How can an ordinary Man who isn’t even worthy of a second look become our Savior? But He did through the power of God’s weakness in Jerusalem.

How can Jerusalem become the place of salvation? Jerusalem was a world capital in the ancient Roman Empire. One of the greatest structures of all, Herod’s Temple, was in Jerusalem. The city was a spiritual capital in the empire, but Jerusalem was different from the other world capitals. It was . . . well, it was Jewish, quirkish, lavish in its own way, but certainly not in the Roman way. Jerusalem was really a weak world capital, crushed under the Roman heel. But God had made Jerusalem the center of His salvation purposes, the place where all His promises would be fulfilled, an unlikely place populated by some very unlikely people. How like God to do this.

This is my salvation, my deliverance, my eternal life started on earth and slated to last forever. Again, I must ask how can this be? How can a five-year old fatherless and familyless little boy get father, mother, and family in the blink of an eye? How can that little boy receive a call to serve God? How can that little boy grow up to be blessed with mentors and marriage and sons and daughters-in-law and grandchildren, and faithful friends full of love for him? How can that be? Only because God glories in taking the weak and making us His vessels of glory.

It has been many years since God saved me and I still serve Him. Salvation never ends; why should service? And may I die as Jesus died: with a cross on my back, resurrection in my heart, and the interests of God on my mind.

What has your salvation been? Can you join with me in this Good Friday season and rejoice in God’s salvation for you? Think of what He has done for you and join me.

Joni Eareckson Tada – at the 2013 National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention (video)

Cover of "Joni"

Cover of Joni

I don’t know about you, but Joni Eareckson Tada has been a blessing and an encouragement to me over the years, as I watch her live her life to the glory of God, in spite of her physical limitations. After a diving accident, Joni has been paralyzed in a wheelchair for 45 years now.

Here is Joni giving the keynote speech at this year’s National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention. Joni:

  • I was 17 years old, athletic, took a dive and bang!I can’t use my hands, I can’t move my legs, everything’s paralyzed, I’m a quadriplegic. The doctor announced that I had severed my spinal cord, that I’d never use my hands or my legs for the rest of my life, and he walked out of the door…. I can’t live like this, and I just sank into depression.
  • A Christian friend shared with me: Joni, God permits that which He hates, to accomplish that which He loves. I realized, God takes no pleasure in my spinal cord injury, but He loves the way He is changing me in it, and encouraging others through it. Psalm 10 says that God hears the cry of the afflicted. His heart goes out to those with disabilities. He is filled with compassion for those with special needs.
  • I want people to know this God whom I love. I would not trade this intimacy, this sweetness, this nearness, this tenderness, this preciousness of faith, come alive n my life, I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of walking.
  • There are 1 billion people with disabilities in the world, 80% of whom live in developing nations. That is to me overwhelming. I wanna do everything I can to make a difference in their lives. I think God is using people with disabilities to wake up the church. God is up to something big.
  • Outwardly, our bodies are wasting away, but, inwardly, we’re being renewed day by day. God has not abandoned those with disabilities. No, He is working through them. God’s power always shows up best through weakness. The Bible says, „Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the rights of the weak and the needy, and we do that at Joni and Friends.”
  • I sing because I have to. I remember darker days, when I was in the hospital. I wanted so much to cry, but, instead I would stifle the tears and comfort myself singing a hymns like „Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry. While on others Thou are calling, do not pass me by”. And it always reminded me, as I sang that, of the pool at Bethesda. You know that portion of Scripture from John 5, that friends would come to the hospital to visit me, I would always ask them to read it to me. I cannot tell you how many times, at night, I would picture myself there, at Bethesda, lying next to the man with paralysis, and I would wait alongside him, waiting for Jesus to walk in through those columned colonnades, and I would see Him, and I would, in my mind’s eye cry out, „Oh Jesus, Jesus don’t pass me by. Here I am. Heal me!” But as many times as I pictured myself there, at the pool of Bethesda, and as often as I asked Jesus to heal me, I never got up, I never walked.

Joseph, the foreshadow of the Savior


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