Why Can The Bible Be Trusted? Sean McDowell

April 27, 2014 – Lecture by Sean McDowell. VIDEO by Christianity Reason and Science

Sean McDowell – How you approach an unbeliever, armed with facts they will listen to

Sean McDowell, son of Josh McDowell talks about the Intelligent Design option, when speaking to an unbeliever. He recommends this option for high school and college students, that is the primary target of this video, from a talk at Sugar Creek Baptist Church (July 21, 2013) – Lecture by Sean McDowell. For more on Intelligent Design: http://www.youtube.com/idquest VIDEO by religionphilosophy

Is God the Best Explanation for Moral Values? (Sean McDowell)

Rodi: I always learn something from these kinds of debates (between 33 year old Sean McDowell (son of Josh McDowell) and atheist James Corbett).

Sean McDowell is the co-author of Is God Just a Human Invention? (Kregel, 2010), Understanding Intelligent Design along with William A. Dembski (Harvest House, 2008), The Unshakable Truth: How You Can Experience the Twelve Essentials of a Relevant Faith (Harvest House, 2010), Evidence for the Resurrection (Gospel Light, 2009) and More Than A Carpenter with Josh McDowell (Tyndale, 2009). Sean is the General Editor for Apologetics for a New Generation (HH, 2009) and The Apologetics Study Bible for Students (Broadman Holman, 2009). Sean has also written Ethix: Being Bold in a Whatever World (BH, 2006). Sean  blogs regularly at www.conversantlife.com. He is an Educator, a popular speaker at camps, churches, schools, universities, and conferences nationwide. Sean has spoken for organizations including Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth Specialties, Fellow of Christian Athletes and the Association of Christian Schools International. Sean is the national spokesman and a conference speaker for Wheatstone Academy (www.wheatstoneacademy.com), an organization committed to training young people with a biblical worldview. Lastly, he is the son of Josh McDowell and husband and father of two children.

The LIVE debate between Sean McDowell and James Corbett(an atheist high school teacher) on the topic, „Is God the Best Explanation for Moral Values,” was streamed on ConversantLife.com on Friday evening, February 26, 2010 to a huge global audience. The debate was sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. Click here for US map to see if your school has this organization on campus. If not, you can still contact them for support.

Campus Crusade for Christ’s U.S. Campus Ministry:

Our purpose is to help launch and build movements of spiritual multiplication on college campuses so that everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus Christ.

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