Paul Washer – Abstain from sexual immorality

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Paul Washer – What is sexual immorality?

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So, when we’re talking about sexual immorality, we’re talking about porneia, we’re talking to engage in any kind of sexual immorality. Often, though, in the New Testament, it is with, and  in the Greek world, with the implication of prostitution.

But, it involves the following things:

  • fornication
  • prostitution
  • pornography
  • homosexuality

and any other thought or act, or concept, or belief that would contradict the word of God with regard to the physical. Now, let’s look at the word ‘fornication’. What does fornication mean? Well, its English definition has to do with, because, sometimes porneia is translated fornication. It has to do with any sort of sexual activity outside the sacred bounds of marriage. The word fornication actually comes from the latin word ‘fornix’. And you say, „What does that mean?” Actually, it means ‘vaulted ceiling’. You say, „Well, how do the two things go together?” It eventually came to mean brothel, like the vaulted or chambered ceiling of a brothel. 

Now, what is pornography? Pornography comes from the Greek word pornografos, from porno which means prostitute and grafos, which means writing. And, literally, it refers to writing about prostitutes. Or, writing about exploits with prostitutes.  In our visual age, it doesn’t refer so much now, even though it does, to writings, as it does, photography, video, and other kinds of media.

But, before we go on, let me say something. A great majority of novels that people read, even so called people in the church, [they] read, would properly be qualified as pornography. So, just because there’s no pictures, it doesn’t mean you’re not in sin. Very important. Now, what I wanna do now is, I wanna go through several tests of the Bible and make brief comments, cause most of these texts stand on their own. And my hope is that the Holy Spirit will do what no man can do, and that is, set upon your heart, fear. Great fear for these things.

First of all,

Acts 15:19-20 19  It’s talking about the Jerusalem council, and what’s going on there? The Gentiles have been converted, many of the judaizers were going out there, trying to convert them into Jews, put them back under the law, demanding circumcision. But then, the apostles and the leaders and the elders meet together in Jerusalem and they make some decisions. Now, what is the decision? They condemn sexual immorality alongside of 2 other things: idolatry and the consuming of blood. Now, I want you to think about that for just a moment before we read the text. Because, sometimes, it’s helpful to get a visual picture. These 3 things are set beside one another, so that you can say, in some manner, at least to some degree, they are equal. Would you bow down before an idol of Baal? Well, you’re committing an equal thing when you’re involved in any form of sexual immorality. Would you consume blood, as a pagan. Well, you’re on par with these types of things when you are involved in sexual immorality. Acts 15:19 Therefore my judgment is that we should not trouble those of the Gentiles who turn to God, 20 but should write to them to abstain from the things polluted by idols, and from sexual immorality, and from what has been strangled, and from blood. 

I’ve always marveled at how light the Jerusalem counsel seems to be. I mean, when you think about our day and age, you think about [the fact that] we have the full counsel of God in the New Testament, and all the commands and all the prohibitions that are within the Scriptures, the letter going out to the gentiles says what? Abstain from idolatry, consuming blood and sexual immorality. And, basically, if you do these things, you’ll be alright. Because, in a sense, from these things, at least, from idolatry and sexual immorality flow most other sins.

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David Platt: SINGLENESS and the NEXT Generation (Essential Sermon for Families)

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David Platt, Pastor of Brook Hills Church, advises fro us not to tune out this message. Whether a parent, a young man or woman, whether single or married, this is an important subject for ALL of us in how we pass the Gospel to the NEXT generation. Scripture does not teach that only parents are responsible for the passing on of the gospel. Dr. Platt gives a biblical perspective from 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 (he reads this chapter) and on and through the apostle Paul he shows what the ‘Word’ has to say about singleness and marriage vs. what the ‘world’ says out it. In 1 Corinthians Chapter 7, Paul writes as he comes to this young church at Corinth, a church which operates in a very pagan culture, a culture filled with sexual immorality, perversion, prostitution and so this is where Paul addresses this young church. In this letter, Paul is addressing questions that were being asked and issues that needed to be addressed:

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