SHARE! Today Judditte Eliana Bodnariu is 10 years old. Happy Birthday Judditte Eliana! We are fighting for you to come home!

Marius si Eliana carnat de sarbatori 2

Dearest Eliana, I hope that one day you will come across this post when you google your name and you will see how many people love you, pray for you, and ask God to bring you home to your wonderful parents who cannot eat or sleep since you have been taken away from them! There are tens of thoudands of us who join your parents in this petition! May God bless you and may He protect you and keep you until you are safe home again in their loving arms!

Dati SHARE! Astazi Judditte Eliana Bodnariu implineste 10 ani. La Multi Ani, Judditte Eliana! Ne luptam pentru tine!

The origin of the name Eliana: Hebrew, and its meaning: God Has Answered.

God, please answer our prayers today and bring Eliana back to her loving parents. Please protect Eliana, and keep her mind and spirit strong. Help her to never doubt the love of her parents, even when others may tell her otherwise.

Eliana Bodnariu with Ruth

Photo credit Andreea Stoia


Eliana, we love you! Thousands of people protested in the streets against the separation of you from your parents and brothers. Stay strong sweet girl! God answers prayer!

It is just a matter of time…but HE WILL intervene!

If you have any pictures with Eliana, please share them in the comment section below!

On the official Facebook PAGE – Norway Return the children to Bodnariu Family


Marius si Ruth fac carnat de sarbatori

Photo capture din video

Photo capture din video

Here is a video clip of Eliana making sausage with her dad, Marius Bodnariu, just days before she was taken away by the Norwegian Child Protection Services, Barnevernet. Eliana herslef chose the title for this video clip: A family food production-

VIDEO by Norway, Return the Children to Bodnariu Family

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Scrisoare de la Eliana catre Marius si Ruth Bodnariu

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