How to Share the Gospel With Someone Who Thinks All Christians Are Hypocrites

Another great article over at the website written by Kevin Halloran.

After a quick reminder to all of us that our speech should always be gracious and Christ-like (Colossians 4:6), Kevin gives the 5 points:

1. When someone complains that all Christians are hypocrites, tell the person that they are right.

Thinking that all Christians are hypocrites is in line with Scripture and what Jesus taught. Jesus spoke against hypocrisy and railed the Pharisees for putting on an outwardly religious show but forsaking a deeper spiritual life (Luke 11:42). Because we are all sinners (including Christians), we all are hypocritical in one way or another.

Responding this way might catch them off guard by giving them a compliment. Most people won’t mind having something good in common with Jesus—in fact, they’ll like it. Tell them that the Bible says all people have sinned and that hypocritical Christians are what you would expect in a world tainted by sin.

2. Explain sin and how nobody measures up to God’s perfect standard.

The last three points are: Present Christ, ask for a response and pray.

Read the entire article here-

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