Religious hypocrisy in the last days – They create a garment of their own making that allows them to commit adultery…

They create a garment of their own making, that allows them to commit adultery, it allows them to steal in the workplace, it allows them to lie, and gossip, and slander unrestrainedly. And this garment that they put on themselves convinces them that there’s no justice for them, there’s no judgment day coming for them. Even though Jesus said, „By every word you speak, you’ll be justified. And,, by every word you speak, you’ll be condemned.” Jesus said, „If you do not forgive those who have wronged you, neither will your heavenly Father forgive your trespasses. But, in spite of what God has spoken, they created garments of fig leaves and they covered themselves, and they say, „All is well. All is well”. And they see a God at church that won’t challenge their sin, that won’t expose this hypocrisy for what it is. I’d rather you get mad at me and go to heaven. (photo via )

Being forsaken by God- that is the most terrible thing any human can ever face. Think of the worst suffering you can ever face, multiply it by a million or more and you understand what forsaken by God is. We think of hell as some geographical place somewhere. Maybe it is. But the worst part of hell is that it is a God forsaken place. It is the only God forsaken place in the universe. That means God is not there and it’s terrible to be there, because God is not there. God is in this world today, but when you go in a place where God has withdrawn His presence, all the evil and the devil in man comes out. It is terrible. That evil is what makes people’s lives so miserable.

What a tragedy to have been covered in an unrighteous covering, to have been covered i human effort, to have been covered in something deceptive, to find in the last moments of your life that the feet coming down the hallway are not taking you to heaven. I guess the question would be, „Whose feet are coming to get you?” Who has been assigned to take you into eternity? And if you’re not sure they’re God’s, can it be changed? Can it be taken back?

The first foundation of Christianity: Christ died for our sins. That’s not enough! He rose from the dead. If He did not rise from the dead I would not be a Christian. I wouldn’t waste my time preaching this message. His rising from the dead is the proof that all that He said on earth was true. No man died for the sins of the world, no man rose from the dead. No religion even claims that Jesus died for the sins of the world, except Christianity. And no religion claims that someone who died came out of the grave after 3 days. So, the foundation of the Christian faith is not: „Do good”, „Be kind to others”. It is: „Christ died for your sins and He rose up from the dead”. You remove those 2 things, Christianity becomes like any other religion in the world. And that’s why it’s unique. You need to understand that. You are a sinner and you deserve to go to hell for all eternity, to be forsaken by God forever. You  have lived for yourself and you are created to belong to God. But, you live for yourself, when you come back to God you myst come back as a thief who has stolen what belongs to God for so many years. How old are you? 25, 30? You have stolen what belongs to God. You can come back to Him in sorrow, „Lord, I didn’t know this was something I stole from you for so many years. I’m gonna come back to you and give my life to you.

If you’re a thief, the Bible says all thieves dwell outside the city of God. Read it in Revelation. If you’re a liar, you’re not going there either. Sew whatever kind of robe you want, you’re not going. The (fig) leaves have got to come off. God says, „I’m looking for a Nathanael today, I’m looking for a man and a woman without guile, that says, „Lord, I want it your way. You can get through the deception your whole life, you can even sing in the choir. You can go your whole life, but there’s one moment you will not get through. It’s the last 5 seconds of your life, folks. You’ll not make it through. It has to be true.

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and here is a longer version (22 minutes) from Carter Conlon and Zac Poonen’s messages, also from sermonindex

Iosif Ton – Cand s-au golit bisericile din Europa?

Iosif Ton: Doi factori au golit bisericile in Europa, doi factori au secularizat Europa:

  1. Teoria evolutiei
  2. Teologia liberala, sau cu alt nume- critica Bibliei (necredinta in minuni, etc.)

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