Killing Sin – Tommy Clayton

This is a very good post by Tommy Clayton -Content Developer and Broadcast Editor of  the Grace to You’ program- on the aspects of sin and how ‘Sin can play dead’ when you thought you killed your sin.

He starts with a list of points made by John MacArthur and John Owen, in which he expounds on what ‘killing sin’ is not:

  • Killing sin is not covering it up.
  • Killing sin is not internalizing it.

Some imagine that ceasing sinful activity equates to gaining victory over sin, yet they often continue ruminating on the pleasures of previous sins in their mind

  • Killing sin is not forsaking some sins while tolerating others.

Don’t engage in selective sin-forsaking, and then imagine you’ve progressed spiritually.

  • Killing sin is not repressing it.

Some people repress sin with drugs and alcohol.

  • Killing sin is not enjoying occasional victories over it.
  • Killing sin is not ignoring your conscience.

If you want to kill sin, don’t ignore your conscience. Inform it with biblical truth so it functions accurately, flooding your soul with knowledge like a skylight brings light into a dark room.

He concludes with a great exhortation: ” Kill your sins God’s way, or die sin’s way. Be killing sin, or sin will be killing you.

You can read the entire article on the Grace to You website-When Sin Plays Dead.

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