A letter to Richard Wurmbrand

wurmbrand 17“God is love.” 1 JOHN 4:8
„A Soviet Christian released from prison wrote the following in a letter:My outward appearance is not attractive. In the slave labor camp, I worked beneath the earth. I had an accident that made me a hunchback. Once a boy stared at me and then asked,“Uncle, what do you have on your back?” I was sure that some mockery would follow, but still I answered, “A hunchback.” “No,” said the child. “God is love and gives no one deformities. You do not have a hunchback but a box below your shoulders. In this box, angel wings are hidden. One day the box will open and you will fly to heaven with these wings.”

I began to cry for joy. Even now, I write and cry. Every man has some kind of “hunchback,” some physical, mental, or spiritual handicap, something that makes him different from everyone else. Things appear this way only if we look at them from the perspective of our limited earthly life. Here we “know in part” (1 Corinthians 13:12). And because of this, our lives and sufferings often seem meaningless. God has allowed one person to have a hunchback, another sickness, or poverty, or a prison term, or bereavement, or some other sorrow. But we will not accept human standards that categorize such things as catastrophes. We will apply to them the standard of this Spirit-filled Soviet child and see in our sorrows boxes that hide angel wings, with which we are meant to fly to heaven.”
From : ” Reaching toward the heights ” by Richard Wurmbrand (Facebook)

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