Steve Gallagher – (The Life of Paul) Into the Hands of Nero and Paul’s Final Years

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 Into the Hands of Nero


Paul’s Final Years

Paul and the Corinthians

Steve Gallagher: An outline of tofay: While Paul was in Ephesus, some delegates from Chloe’s church, whatever that might have been, arrived in Ephesus to share some concerns they had about the church in Corinth. They were concerned about a real serious division that was going on there. And not long after that, it seems as though a delegation from Corinth came to talk to Paul and brought a list of written questions that they wanted answers for. There was a lot of confusion about different sorts of practical issues. And so, when they showed up, that’s what precipitated Paul’s writing of 1 Corinthians. Then, he sent that letter and when he got word back, that it was partially successful, in other words, most of those questions and issues were dealt with, but in the mean time, a group of judaizers had arrived from Jerusalem and had started causing problems. So, he makes a quick and „painful” visit to Corinth. He follows that up, when even that didn’t accomplish what needed to be accomplished, he followed that up with a sorrowful letter, which he sent with Titus. Now, that brings us to current events here.

Now he leaves Ephesus and heads for Macedonia, stopping off in Troas on the way, doing some evangelism. He finally meets with Titus in Philippi, and Titus brings him word that most of the church repented. This is good news and that precipitates him writing 2 Corinthians, which we will spend some time in, here, this morning.


Paul’s First Missionary Journey by Steve Gallagher (Acts 13, 14)

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Read Acts 13 & 14 here – Biblegateway Acts 13, 14

Paul’s conversion probably happened about 37 A.D. and we know he spent 3 years in Damascus or Arabia. We don’t know how much tim the spent in each. He spent about 4-5 years in Tarsus, which would have put him at 44 or 45 A.D. Barnabas comes and gets him and brings him back to Antioch. And, he’s been in Antioch now for awhile, just quietly ministering.

I want to go back to that conversion, because something powerful happened in this man’s life. He was so full of pride and one of those aggressive, abrasive  pushy personalities that is not easily tamed. And you can see a meekness  in this man’s life, even from the earliest days, which is amazing. During this span of time, things have been happening. It’s just that for whatever reason, he didn’t share it with Luke or Luke didn’t feel a need to get it into the story. For instance, in 2 Corinthians 11, there’s a list of things that Paul suffered, like 5 times beaten by the Jews with 39 stripes. There isn’t one single occasion of that in the Book of Acts or any of Paul’s other writings. Five times. Well, when did that happen? It would seem that some of these things happened during that span of time, but we don’t know what exactly went on for those number of years.

But, God is working in Paul’s life. Another thing that we can see is that he has had 3 visions during this span of time: The Damascus Road vision, and then in Acts 22, when he’s recounting his story about his time in Jerusalem when he was hanging around with the apostles there, that the Lord appeared to him and told him that he would be leaving and he would be sent to the Gentiles. So, that was the second one. But, also, in 2 Corinthians 12, he said, „Fourteen years ago, a man went up into the third heaven.” Well, that was in 56 A.D. so that takes us back to 42 A.D. which puts us in Tarsus. So, while he’s in Tarsus, apparently, he had this tremendous experience where he is taken up into the third heavens. Paul thinks that he’s inexpressible, that he couldn’t find the language in human terms to articulate what he saw up there. It was so overwhelming.

But, on the outward look of this man, he goes to Antioch and he’s just one of the guys. He’s not thrusting himself forward there in Antioch, He’s just trying to obey the Lord. You can just get the sense of real meekness in Paul at this early stage. Paul got it early and started ministry  the right way, which is amazing. What I mean by starting ministry the right way, he is being meek. And when God says, „Go,” he goes with all his might, with all his heart, throws himself into doing mercy and living for other people and trying to help other people, and ministering in whatever ways God gives him. But, when God doesn’t tell him to do anything, he just stays quiet, „You want me to take a lowly position here? Ok Lord.” he’s not thrusting himself forward, he’s not driven by ambition, to be somebody or to get anything for himself. He’s just in it for the Lord. So, he starts off the right way and we see the effects still unfolding from that Damascus Road experience. That’s how powerful he was affected. And we see it coming out, not so much in outward fruit, yet, but in the way that he is going on about God’s business.

Now, let’s get into the story in Chapter 13. …. From the first 10 minutes.


Paul’s Disagreements by Steve Gallagher

Acts 16 and Galatians 2

The mother church in Jerusalem is now about 16 years old. And one of the main issues she has had to deal with has been how to extricate herself from Judaism. And yet, at the same time, use the Jewish scriptures and their concepts, worship and follow the Jewish Messiah, live in the Jewish culture, and reach out to the Jewish people. So, this was quite a challenge, to be able to do this in the face of so much hostility that comes forth from the Jewish people in regards to the early church. Then you throw Paul into the mix. And Paul is just nothing but a thorn in the flesh to these Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.


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