7-Year-Old Boy Tortured, Killed for Being Christian

Anmol is pictured above, the photo is about 2 years old. In the other photos, Anmol’s mother, father Harish, brother and sister, and Harish’s brothers. Next photo- the burial service for Anmol. Map of northern India Photo from socioecohistory.wordpress.com. All remaining photos from Gospel for Asia

Gospel for Asia reports on this case here- http://www.gfa.org/persecution/child-murdered/

November 26, 2013

Seven-year-old Anmol laughed and played; he sang songs and learned Bible stories at Sunday school—and later, he was cruelly tortured and killed for being a Christian.

The last time Anmol’s parents saw their son alive was right before he left for Sunday school November 17. Anmol never returned home that day. His mother and his father, Harish, assumed he had gone to play with his friends, like he had done in the past. But when he didn’t come home, they began to worry.

Harish filed a missing persons report with the local police Monday, November 18. That same evening, police received a call about a child’s body seen floating in a nearby pond. When Anmol’s parents heard the news, they rushed to the hospital, where the body was taken, and identified the dead child as their son.

“It was very clear he was brutally murdered,” reported field correspondent, Jayana. “[The murderer] had tortured the child in such an inhuman way. . .”

Evidence suggests Anmol’s neck was cut, toes were broken and hands were slashed and burned. His face was burned, as well, while hot fragments of coal or firewood were placed on Anmol’s stomach, burning his abdomen. His mouth was also found tied. Autopsy reports came back indicating Anmol’s final cause of death was drowning.

Details identifying the murderer are unconfirmed while investigations take place.

“It’s unthinkable that this would happen to a little child like this,” said K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia. “Persecution against Christians is an ongoing matter that we see happening every week. In fact, it’s increased by 400 percent in the last several years, but the killing of a little child like this is unheard of. Our people are already there to comfort and meet the needs of the family.”

Harish with his wife, daughter, remaining son and two of his brothers. Pastor Ruben continues to minister to the family during this time.

Harish held Anmol’s funeral Tuesday, November 19. Around 200 believers gathered for the ceremony, including the local GFA pastor, Ruben.

“The wail of the people and the parents was truly heartbreaking to see,” Jayana said. “It was truly a painful and intolerable incident.”

Anmol’s family has been a main target for persecution since 2003, when Harish made the decision to live for Jesus Christ after witnessing the miraculous healing of his older brother who had been sick for a long time. Along with Harish, 45 other people came to know the saving grace of Jesus and were added to the church because of this healing. Later, Harish’s distant relatives also believed in the power of Christ through Harish’s witness. Today, Harish is considered “one of the strong believers of our church,” Jayana said.

Because of the large number of people coming to know Christ as their Savior, persecution has since broken out in this community.

Around 200 believers gathered for Anmol’s funeral.

Please pray for:

  • Comfort and peace for Anmol’s family as they grieve his death. Anmol leaves behind a father, mother, older brother and younger sister.
  • God to strengthen and protect His children from further persecution.
  • Anmol’s murderer to repent and come to know the saving and forgiving grace of the Savior.
  • Pastor Ruben as he ministers to his congregation during this time.


Anmol, martir la varsta de 7 ani, torturat si omorat in India pentru convertirea familiei sale la crestinism


Matei 10 :28; 32-33

 Nu vă temeţi de cei ce omoară trupul, dar care nu pot omorî sufletul!

32 Aşadar, pe oricine Mă va mărturisi în faţa oamenilor îl voi mărturisi şi Eu înaintea Tatălui Meu, Care este în ceruri. 33 Însă de oricine se va lepăda de Mine în faţa oamenilor mă voi lepăda şi Eu înaintea Tatălui Meu, Care este în ceruri.

Poza 1 si 2 Anmol, cu doi ani in urma, Poza 4 – parintii cu ceilalti 2 copii si fratii lui Harish, Poza 5 – Inmormantarea.

Traducere Blogul Agnus Dei de la – Mission News Network, photos de la Gospel for Asia, map of Northern India from socioecohistory.wordpress.com

Anmol, un copil de 7 ani, a disparut Duminica 17 Noiembrie,  in drumul lui spre casa de la  Biserica Credinciosilor (Believer’s Church) din Nordul Indiei. In acea dimineata, ca si in alte duminici, Anmol  a participat la clasa de scoala duminicala.  A doua zi, trupul sau neinsufletit a fost gasit intr-o balta.

In dimineata zilei de 17 Noiembrie, Anmol s-a bucurat impreuna cu alti copii din clasa sa, cantand cantari impreuna si ascultand la dascalul care-i invata din Biblie. Parintii lui Anmol au crezut ca copilul lor s-a dus acasa la prieteni de-ai lui, ceea ce el o facea din cand in cand, la invitatia lor. Dar cand au vazut ca Anmol nu se mai intoarce, au inceput sa se ingrijoreze si au raportat disparitia lui la politia indiana din orasul lor.

Pe cand se facea seara, politia a primit un telefon in care s-a raportat despre un trup neinsufletit, plutind intr-o balta. Parintii l-au identificat la spital, ca fiind copilasul lor de 7 ani, Anmol. Le-a fost clar ca copilul lor a fost torturat. Ucigasul l-a mutilat cu salbaticie pe Anmol; evidentele torturii:  lui Anmol i s-a rupt gatul, i s-au rupt degetele de la picioare si mainile lui au avut urme de taieturi si arsuri. Pana si fata lui a fost arsa, iar pe abdomen i s-a pus jaratic sau lemne aprinse, care i-au ars abdomenul. Gura i-a fost legata- ucigasul nu a vrut sa-i auda urletele. Dar cel mai socant este faptul caci cauza finală a morţii a fost stabilită ca fiind înecarea. Aceasta denota faptul ca Anmol a fost torturat pe viu inainte de a fi omorat. Inca nu se cunosc detaliile ucigasului  pentru ca politia isi continua investigatiile.

In anul 2003 Harish, tatal lui Anmol, impreuna cu alti 45 de indieni au devenit crestini, predandu-si viata si incepandu-si lucrarea pentru Isus Hristos dupa un eveniment miraculos in care un frate de-a lui Marish a fost vindecat de o boala pe care o suferea de lunga durata. Cu timpul, mai multe rudenii, chiar si cele mai indepartate au inceput sa-L urmeze pe Hristos datorita propovaduirii Evangheliei pe care o facea Marish. Persecutiile impotriva familiei au inceput la scurt timp si au continuat in toti anii acestia, culminand in luna Noiembrie cu martirizarea copilului lor iubit, Anmol.

Marti, 19 noiembrie a fost o zi grea pentru familie, ziua cand si-au inmormantat fiul Anmol, un martir la varsta frageda de 7 ani. La inmormantare au participat in jur de 200 de persoane si in sat s-au auzit plansete de durere si bocete zguduitoare.

Organizatia Gospel for Asia ne cere sa ne rugam pentru aceasta familie indurerata si pentru comunitatea acestei biserici, care se afla intr-o zona in care persecutia impotriva crestinilor a crescut cu 400%.

Scripture not „fun” programs bring young people to Christ

School students kids

Jared Moore via http://theaquilareport.com

The church largely today expects to be entertained, and instead of pastors and Sunday school teachers standing up and trusting the word of God, imploring hearers to listen because of the authority of the book itself, we have watered it down, and have chosen instead to add entertainment to the text in order to feel good about ourselves. Our mentality seems to be that if our children want to come to church on Sunday Morning or Wednesday evening, the reason they want to come is really irrelevant to us; as long as they want to be there.

Throughout Christian and Secular education, there is a mentality that as long as our children and youth learn, the methods we use to teach them are irrelevant. “The end justifies the means,” seems to be the song of the day. The problem is that the end we are arriving at is not where we want to be. A few weeks ago a young man knocked on my door; he was selling children’s books door-to-door as part of a summer internship. These children’s books were outstanding in that they were the coolest children’s books I had ever seen. His pitch was, ”If children enjoy learning at an early age, then they will enjoy learning and continue learning when they get older.”

Does this sound familiar? Does this not describe nearly every Evangelical church’s and, dare I say, Southern Baptist church’s mentalities? If we can simply get children and youth to enjoy learning the word of God, then they will continue in the word of God when they get older. How we get them to learn is really irrelevant. We seek to make learning as enjoyable as possible, not because learning is enjoyable in and of itself, but because fun is enjoyable. Thus, we do what we need to make learning the Scriptures and learning about God “fun.”

We cannot lose what we never had to begin with. We think that if we get children to come to service or to come to Wednesday night, or to memorize Bible verses, etc. then we have succeeded. My question is if we really believe this, then why not carry this out to the extreme? Let’s start paying children, youth, and adults to attend church, memorize Scripture, etc. if the goal is simply to get these truths in their heads. The goal however is to get them to love the Lord, and live for His glory alone, and this cannot be accomplished by bribing children, youth, and adults to enjoy Him. God the Holy Spirit is the only One who can accomplish this, and He determined before the foundation of the world to accomplish this “through the foolishness of the message preached” (1 Cor. 1:21).

May God have mercy on us…

Until our children and adults understand that they are responsible before God to study, live, and apply His Word, then they will never grow in Christ. Some may be thinking at this point in the article, “You cannot get children to study the Scriptures if you do not make it fun,” or, “they will not listen if you do not make it fun.” My reaction is simply this: if only the early church had our expertise, then maybe they would have baptized thousands more? If children and adults have God the Holy Spirit, not only will they listen, but they will want to listen. Once God the Holy Spirit makes them realize their responsibility to listen, they will make themselves listen, because of Who they are learning about, not because of how they are learning.

In conclusion, children will enjoy and have fun doing what they love to do. If they love God, and know that the Bible is His word, then they will enjoy studying it to “show themselves approved before God” (2 Tim. 2:15). If they understand their responsibility to learn because they live in God’s world, and are stewards of the intellect He has given them, then they will learn for His glory, regardless whether the subject is His Word or His world. If we seek to make them enjoy learning the Word of God or learning about His world for the same reason they enjoy cartoons, then they will grow very little, if at all, in their Christian lives. The only answer to the problem of voluntary Biblical ignorance by Christ’s church, regardless of age, is not in trying to pragmatically get them to like and enjoy what they profess to hate by their actions.

READ THE ARTICLE in its ENTIRETY here – http://theaquilareport.com

25 Years of Evangelizing My Husband. The truth is, I was the one who needed to change

woman man

Written by Revive our hearts. Source The Aquila Report Photo via ForFaithFamily on Facebook

One of the best parts of working at Revive Our Hearts is the mail we get each day. Emails like this. Enjoy!

The nest would soon be empty. As was our marriage.

We had our roles down pat. I was the aggressor, bordering on a plate thrower; he was the passive aggressor, master of the silent treatment. We pressed each other’s buttons with heartbreaking regularity.

Over the years I constructed a compelling case of “he did’s”—stories I relayed to accommodating girlfriends. Mind you, I did this strategically. Prayer groups were preferred. There I got head nods—even a prayer on my behalf. Please change him.

My own prayer life was all about change (meaning, him). Clearly, God was sympathetic to my cause. I was David in the Psalms unjustly treated by Saul. I was Joseph imprisoned for my faith. I was on my way to martyr status.

Why then, being so unjustly treated, so right, was I so miserable? And, for all my Bible verse quoting, why was my spiritual life so stagnant?

You see, my husband is not a believer . . . a fact I routinely brought before the Lord and prayer partners. During our twenty-five years of marriage, I had purchased countless books and CDs with titles such as BelovedUnbeliever. Yet, my daily prayer, Please change his heart, had gone unanswered.

Not, however, because of a lack of evangelism on my part. I left tracts on our coffee table and upped the volume on sermon CDs.

On Sunday mornings I would tear up. If only my husband was sitting next to me at church. If only he would thumb through a Bible. If only he could hear this sermon. From my balcony view, I would glare at the backs of other husbands, arms draped over their wives’ shoulders. Surely these husbands led nightly devotionals, volunteered at Vacation Bible School, and prayed before meals. If only . . .

Inevitably my mind would drift toward a vision, twenty-five years in the making. My husband and I would be called to the pulpit to share our story. I would smile through humble tears as he would credit me for my contagious Christianity. His testimony would highlight my years of faithfulness: attending Bible studies, teaching Sunday School, rising at 5 a.m. to seek the Lord. The applause would be deafening. Maybe we’d write a book. A video series perhaps.

Then reality would crash in. I sat alone in the pew. I taught Sunday School with strangers. My husband showed no sign of wanting to read anything remotely biblical or listen to anything remotely spiritual. Forget the book. My prayers were fruitless—my husband was not changing.

That’s when I approached Kate. She and her husband had been empty nesters for a while, and they seemed happy. Perhaps she could help.

Sitting at Panera one Saturday, Kate began her counsel, but not with the sympathetic support I had anticipated. When I began to share my story of marital hardship and martyr-like behavior, Kate interrupted. She had no interest in hearing my compelling case of “rightness.” Instead, Kate gave me a challenge.

Just that week she had found a website featuring a 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge. For thirty days a wife was not supposed to say anything negative about her husband. In addition, each day she was to verbally compliment her husband. And when in public, she was to seek opportunities to praise her husband for specific things. All this was to be done with complete sincerity and not a hint of manipulation.

As Kate explained the terms of the challenge, she admitted hers was not always the beatific marriage it appeared to be—that she, too, struggled with negativity. She felt God wanted her to do the challenge with me and suggested we meet weekly over the summer to encourage one another.

This conversation took place three years ago. Turns out, the 30-Day “Challenge” is a misnomer. It has been a joy—not a challenge—and my thirty days have stretched across months and now years.

You see, within a couple of weeks, my marriage was transformed. First, my husband, a longtime critic of my cooking, suddenly took up making gourmet meals for me. Then my husband, formally stingy with compliments, began to routinely greet me with, “Hi, Gorgeous.” Finally, my husband, a person who treasures automobiles, became my knight in shining armor when I dented—no, dismantled—our brand-new Toyota Camry in an accident directly related to my inept driving.

Here’s the secret. As I verbalized compliments, I began to notice what had gone unnoticed since our dating days. Namely, that my husband is a man of integrity, a hard worker, a gentleman, a comedian; that he is handsome, articulate, and humble. He is my technology expert, personal think-tank, dog trainer, interior decorator, problem-solver, confidante, and friend. And someone whose company I began to cherish.

Looking at the negative aspects of my marriage had only produced despair—twenty-five years of whining to God about my righteousness in journals that I have since destroyed. Even Christian therapy had been reinforcing my case of “he-did’s.”

The truth is, I was the one who needed to change.

So, if I ever get called to a pulpit to give a reason for my despair giving way to joy, I will take the microphone with a humble heart. After all, it was my negativity that impeded marital intimacy for all those years. No more. The joy I now feel at waking up next to this man rivals that of any newlywed.

Visit the Revive our Hearts website and learn more about the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge here.

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