Our Life of Hell in England

Andreea Sutton Bradeanu

Our Life of Hell in England

My name Bradeanu Andreia (also known as Andreia Sutton ) I am 31 years old and I have 3 children. I am writing you this letter with the hope and confidence that you can help us.
This is the nightmare of our lives:

In December 1999, when I was 14, I met an English man of 49 years old. This man is called Robert Sutton, who came in Romania together with some other British in 1990 with charity aid for the poor. When we met, I started to go with this man everywhere to translate for him. I had no idea that this man had in mind other reasons for being friendly with me. At that moment I saw him as a man who could be my father and nothing more. He helped my family and seemed a good man, good carer, compassionate and said he was a Christian. He informed me that he was married and had children, but he was in the process of divorce because his wife was alcoholic and jealous.

In early 2000, Robert began to see me as his potential ”woman”. We had much time together as friends, but then he asked me marry him. I was scared and shocked because of the age difference… Eventually I accepted. I was 15, my parents have agreed. My mother thought he would take care of me being older and I will not have a hard and tormented life like her. I told my parents that I do not love him in that way. My father replied: ‘Love, passion, will come in time.’

Everyone in my family liked Robert and it seemed like he won their sympathy and friendship and their heart by his way of being so good and generous as he seemed, by all the good things that he did for people in need from Romania. I agreed to marry him and……

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