San Francisco Protest – Steven Bonica – Shame on you Norway! The whole world watches your true colors and what you stand for!

Stop Barnevernet protest San Francisco

My name is Steven Bonica, and I am here today on behalf the united Romanian-American Christian Media from Chicago, the Romanian Cristian Television Network faithfully lead by Petru Amarei, Credo International Christian Television lead by Marian Avram and the Romanian Tribune Newspaper which through the grace of God my wife and I are publishing.

Steven BonicaI am here because the Bodnariu’s story of religious persecution is too real!

I am here, and you all are here – because what was done to the Bodnariu family has outraged us all!

We can not, and we will not allow the events to unfold in Norway as the Nazi-Like Barnevernet pleases! This organization is the wolf in a sheep skin!

We are here to send a message to the whole world and to show that we will not tolerate Barnevernet’s evil doers, the imbeciles fighting against the family while they are pretending to be protecting the children.

No one should have to go through what the Bodnariu family and the Nan family have gone thru. No parents should be separated from their children without due legal process, without any investigation, without any proof of wrongdoing, and without any proof of any sort of child abuse!

The only ones guilty of child abuse, guilty of child neglect, intimidation and harassment of children, steering them thru coercion and forcing them to provide inaccurate information, guilty of mistreating children, without any doubt – is Barnevernet – Norway’s official Children Punishment Service of families.

The Norwegian prosecutors have shown total disregard for all the rules they have set in place themselves in order to protect the children. Thru lies and fabrication, using a power greater than anyone should have, the Barnevernet’s workers in Naudstal, together with the prosecution, Satan’s advocate, by attacking the way they have attacked the Bodnariu family, they actually attacked all of us, all of our families and our Christian values!

This is why we are all protesting here today against Barnevernet!

Shame on you Norway! The whole world watches your true colors and what you stand for! Take the cross from your flag and reveal the redness of your communist dictatorial atheistic heart!

Or, Return all the five children illegally and forcefully abducted – to Marius and Ruth Bodnariu!

We demand the revision and reform of this diabolic institution so that it may act in accordance with the international human rights treaties that Norway has signed and agreed to uphold!

Norway, oh beautiful Norway, failing to listen to our cry, to the cry of thousands of parents who have lost their children to Barnevernet will make you more hated than Hitler’s SS.

Repent, Norway, Repent! Turn you face back to God and seek His forgiveness!

Return the children to the Bodnariu family and may God have mercy on you!.

Steven V. Bonica

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