Mark Driscoll Workshop Audio Gospel Coalition 2011 – The Spirit-Filled Missional Ministry of Jesus (and The doctrine of the Holy Spirit)

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AUDIO – The Spirit-Filled Missional Ministry of Jesus

by Mark Driscoll (Pastor Mars Hill Seattle and Acts 29 organization founder)
In this session we will examine the work of the Holy Spirit in and around Jesus ministry in Luke’s gospel that includes empowering Jesus ministry of preaching, healing, and casting out demons. In so doing, we will work from the thesis that to be truly spirit filled and missional is to continue the ministry of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit as we see throughout the book of Acts which is Luke’s sequel.

AUDIO – Panel: Training the Next Generation of Pastors and Other Christian Leaders R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Mark Driscoll, David Helm, Don Carson (chair), Ligon Duncan

Albert Mohler, Jr. Mark Driscoll David Helm Don Carson Ligon Duncan

Joshua Harris – Humble Orthodoxy at The Gospel Coalition 2011

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AUDIO – Humble Orthodoxy   by Josh Harris
Why is it that a commitment to sound doc trine is so often associated with an arrogant, divisive spirit? This workshop will examine the necessity of both orthodoxy and humility. Genuine orthodoxy—the heart of which is the death of God’s son for undeserving sinners—is the most humbling, human-pride smashing message in the world. And if we truly know the gospel of grace it will create in us a heart of humility and grace toward others.

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