The Norwegian church changed the Bible

Norway, No way! Photo Bob Toma

Norway, No way! Photo Bob Toma

CITESTE articolul in Limba Romana aici – 11 Episcopi de la Biserica Norvegiană au Schimbat Versetul Bibliei „Cine Cruța Nuiaua…”, la Cererea Organului de Stat Ombudsman

Jan-Aage Torp:

What is regarded as „family violence” in Norway? Even a light smack or slap!

Until 2009, the Norwegian Supreme Court´s ruling of 2005 stating that „a light slap” is acceptable in the discipline of children was the norm. But then Parliament passed a law stating that even such a slap is „violence”.

Personally, I have never slapped my six kids, who are now all grown up. But I have always defended the rights for a family to include a light smack as a disciplinary measure, in a total environment of respect, honor and love.

Now, even a mother who physically stops her child from doing something harmful can lose her kids by the hands of „Barnevernet” (Norway’s official child protective services agency). This is what is really happening. I know!

In November 2008 I was called in to receive an official reprimand by the Norwegian government´s „Children´s Ombudsman” for having defended the right to give a light slap on national radio. I did not budge. His threats did not work.

In 2007, the same Ombudsman contacted the 11 Bishops of the Church of Norway to make them change the wording of the Norwegian Bible so that it would no longer state that spanking is acceptable. The Bishops complied. Such a group of cowards….. They even change the Bible!

The bottom line here is ideology. The former government of Mr. Jens Stoltenberg received a report from Dr. Magne Raundalen, reknown professor of children´s psychiatry, which established that Norway has left „the biological principle” in the welfare and care of children, and that the norm has become that „the State” owns the rights to the kids. This is outrageous!

The Norwegian churches are silent.

But now European Apostolic Leaders react! We are not silent! Our office is in Oslo! Here we are to wage a victorious war for the Bodnariu family!

Victory for the Bodnariu´s!


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