David Platt – How do we give them a glimpse of His glory?

David Platt itickets.comA word saturated ministry- How do we give them a glimpse of His glory. We give them a glimpse of His glory through His word. Not your jokes, not your counsel or advice, not even your stories. You give them a glimpse of the glory of God by giving them the word of God. This word reveals the glory of God. It opens our eyes to the glory of God. Psalm 119- we see His glory in His word, so give them heavy word from cover to cover, in this book (Bible). God is showing His passion for His glory in all nations , supremely manifested in Christ and the Gospel. So saturate people with this word. It’s the only thing that will drive them into mission. At least it will sustain them. Think about it. What is going to drive the people to lay down their lives amongst difficult peoples in the world,  who want to kill them? Because you said it would be a good idea?

The only thing that will drive them there is because God said: Go! I remember one particular time, sitting down with a wealthy doctor in our faith family, who sat down with me, and we walked through tough texts. And he sat down with me, and he said, „David, I just needed to set up an appointment with you to let you know that I think you are crazy, for some of the things that you are trying to lead us to do.” I was like, „Yes sir”. And he looks at me, and tears begin to flow down his face, and he says, „But, you’re only saying what God is saying….. so, I guess we need to do these things.” And he begins to talk how his whole lifestyle’s turning upside down, he’s selling possessions and considering going to unreached peoples, and he said, „Sometimes I think I’m crazy too. But, you’ve taught us to stand on the word, and I’m just gonna believe that His word is true.

Yes! It’s the only thing that will drive them and it’s the only thing that will sustain them. When I think about the brothers and sisters in our midst who sold their homes in suburbia and moved in the midst of  low income, very high crime rate in our city to spread the Gospel, whose kids are sleeping at night with gunshots outside their homes; they’re walking through really difficult times. What sustains them at that point is not some story or counsel advice. The only thing that will sustain them in that time is the Word of God. And these brothers and sisters who are going out into difficult places around the world, where they have hardly any believers around them, and they’re struggling and on the front lines of the battle, and the adversary’s coming at them from every side, the only thing that will sustain them is the sword of the Spirit. So, give them heavy word. True biblical theology drives urgent missiology.

If we believe God is great, if we believe man is lost, we believe Christ is necessary- put it together: we are urgently going.

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