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ELVETIA : SWITZERLAND Greenwave captura vimeo

Breath taking!

VIDEO Ediția a IX-a: “Desculți -Homecoming“ – Hickory 2013 12 Octombrie 2013 (Musical) ♪ ♥ ♫◦° °◦°°◦

BUCURIE ANUALA prin CANTARE, puteti canta impreuna cu Descultii aceste cantari dragi si bine cunoscute evanghelicilor Romani.

DESCULTI la Hickory Romanian Baptist Church 12. Octombrie 2013   VIDEOS by Hickory Romanian Baptist Church Canalul youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/nelurs:

In Awe of God’s Creation – Iceland – Coplesit de Creatia lui Dumnezeu

English: Westfjords, Iceland, June 2008

  • For 1,000 years, people survived in the remotest part of the loneliest island on earth.
  • By 1940, they all had left.
  • All that remains are their homes, their land and the few who are coming back.

Journey to the most remote part of the Westfjords of Iceland. By the way, some interesting tidbits from this video, such as-

  • there are no trees, therefore there is no wood in this very isolated place, the Westfjord, the way they acquired wood was that driftwood would be deposited on one of the shores, traveling from Siberia in the water. The driftwood would be gathered on the shores and loaded on horse back and then traded (sold) to others on the island.
  • this is the land where stories of trolls originate. A lot of people say they have seen elves and trolls here.
  • mode of transportation? Skiing! No matter how old you were, you had to ski in most areas to get around.
  • from the end of November to January you do not see the sun.
  • their food had to last through winter, until summer came.

In Iceland’s rough and remote Westfjords region, Chad Sayers, Forrest Coots, and Chad Manley step back in time to revisit a way of life that lasted 1000 years. With the guidance of local friends Siggi Jonsson and Runar Karlsson, they traverse the storied landscape via sailboat, kayak, and ski, exploring what it would have been like to survive there for so many generations. Each ski run begins and ends with seaweed underfoot, while waterfalls, lichen-clad couloirs, and stories of humans past make up the in-between. VIDEO length 14 minutes.

Iceland: A Skier’s Journey

Iceland: A Skier’s Journey EP3 S3 from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.

In awe of God’s Creation – Aurora Borealis in Iceland Video- Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu

Aurora Borealis observed in Norway on 2006-10-28.

One of the best video compilations I have seen!

Aurora Borealis are a natural light phenomena that can be seen specially in the Earth Poles. The North Pole ones are called Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, while the South Pole are Aurora Australis or Southern Lights. They appear because of a collision from the particles that form the sun wind against the magnetic fields of the Earth.
The scene of this video is Iceland, a place with amazing landscapes at any time of the year, but it’s in winter when this country attracts the most attention because of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

Enrique Pacheco has made this video during many personal expeditions and workshops in Iceland from the last three years. Enrique Pacheco is an expert in Iceland landscape and Aurora Borealis shooting, with more than 12 successful trips. If you are interested in travel to Iceland and live this unique experience, Enrique Pacheco offers workshops, in which you’ll learn the time-lapse technique, improve your photography skills and enjoy the amazing phenomena of the Aurora Borealis. enriquepacheco.com/workshop-aurora-borealis-in-iceland

This video has been made with the time-lapse technique, using DSLR cameras to capture consecutive pictures and then put them together. Most of the shots have 10 and 20 seconds of exposition in between, were shot with wide lenses and with the maximum aperture. ISO 1600 and 3200 are the main ones.

Wonderlights from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

In Awe of God’s Creation – Climbing the Verdon Gorge in France – Coplesit de Creatia lui Dumnezeu

English: View of the entrance to the Verdon Go...

English: View of the entrance to the Verdon Gorge with Lac de Sainte-Croix in the foreground. Français : Entrée des Gorges du Verdon avec le lac de Sainte-Croix à l’avant-plan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American climber, Jonathan Siegrist and teams up with Swiss superstar, Nina Caprez, the two climb the hardest routes the Verdon Gorge (in France) has to offer. There are some incredible shots in here- esp. the shot with the daisies on one of the mountain peaks. And I have a new and profound respect for these climbers after watching Nina climb at about the 4 minute. Just amazing.  (17 minutes)

Viva La Vie from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.

In awe of God’s Creation – The Unseen Sea – A time lapse video of San Francisco Bay – Ceata pe ocean – Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu

san francisco

More videos, most of them being time lapse videos

The Unseen Sea

VIDEO from Simon Christen – The Unseen Sea


In awe of God’s Creation – Namibian nights (video) Noapte in Namibia – Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu

Filmat in Deadvlei, Namibia. Fiecare secunda de video contine 30 de poze. In total, fotograful a facut 16,000 de poze intr-o perioada de 2 ani ai proiectului de fata. Acest video scurt a castigat locul intai la Premiile Fotografului Anului 2012.

Quivertrees and the eery, dead camelthorn trees filmed in Deadvlei, Namibia. Each second of video consists of 30 photographs. In total, Marsel shot more than 16,000 images over a period of two years for this project. The video won First Prize in the 2012 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards.

In caz ca nu va apare playerul faceti click aici- http://www.vimeo.com/57130400

If the player does not load click here – http://www.vimeo.com/57130400

Namibian Nights from Squiver on Vimeo.

Golden Age – Somewhere – Why does man always want to be like God?


This is a very cool futuristic video that also feels ‘freaky’. (I never thought I would have the opportunity to use the word ‘freaky’ on this blog. This outstanding film episode from the standpoint of its creative inception and production reminds me of Daniel 12:4 where Daniel is told that at the time of the end, knowledge will increase. And so will man’s pursuit of earthly pleasures. This video purports to show how in the not too distant future we will be able to live in a ‘glocolised’ world where everything and everyone can be simulated. The social implications are enormous.

The more technology advances, the more, we the human beings created by God for fellowship with Him and each other, withdraw into our private world trying to simulate and create our own pleasures.

GOLDEN AGE – SOMEWHERE (from VIMEO)by Paul Nicholls Sequel to the award winning GOLDEN AGE – THE SIMULATION, ‘SOMEWHERE’ attempts to visualise the notion of a ‘downloaded architecture’. We are in a time where much of what we do is online. The notion of the online will radically change, the notion of the computer and the home will merge. We will download parks and places to relax, have skype phone calls with simulated telepresence of our friends and family, be immersed in nanorobotic replications of any kind of objects or furnishings downloaded on credit based systems. The local becomes the global and the global becomes the local. Consumer based capitalism would change forever. A truly ‘glocolised’ world.

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Golden Age – Somewhere, posted with vodpod

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