Archaeology and the Old Testament, what can we learn from archaeological digs?

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Steven Ortiz, and Dr. Gordon Johnston discuss archaeology and the Old Testament, focusing on what we can learn from archaeological digs.…

00:14 Ortiz and Johnston shares their experience in archaeological digs
04:19 What can we learn from archeology?
07:41 How does archeology inform one?s interpretation of the Biblical text?
10:08 How does archeology relate to the plausibility of the Biblical narrative?
14:18 What happens on an archaeological dig?
17:33 Stories from archaeological digs and discoveries in Israel
24:00 The importance of cataloguing artifacts
27:21 The importance of volunteer crews in the Middle East
29:37 Archaeology in the media
33:37 Was Noah?s Ark a round vessel?…

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