Mike Licona – „What was the crucifixion like?”

Good Friday Service at Brook Highland Community Church in Birmingham, AL.

Special guest: Dr. Mike Licona – Professor at Houston Baptist University, renowned speaker and scholar on the resurrection of Jesus.

About the book, description from Amazon.com:

The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach Paperback

by Michael R. Licona

The question of the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection has been repeatedly probed, investigated and debated. And the results have varied widely. Perhaps some now regard this issue as the burned-over district of New Testament scholarship. Could there be any new and promising approach to this problem? Yes, answers Michael Licona. And he convincingly points us to a significant deficiency in approaching this question: our historiographical orientation and practice. So he opens this study with an extensive consideration of historiography and the particular problem of investigating claims of miracles. This alone is a valuable contribution. But then Licona carefully applies his principles and methods to the question of Jesus’ resurrection. In addition to determining and working from the most reliable sources and bedrock historical evidence, Licona critically weighs other prominent hypotheses. His own argument is a challenging and closely argued case for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ. Any future approaches to dealing with this „prize puzzle” of New Testament study will need to be routed through The Resurrection of Jesus.

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