Pastor CORNEL AVRAM la protestul din San Francisco – I believe Norway has millions of decent people. WHERE ARE YOU ?!?

I am pastor Cornel Avram, I represent the Romanian Pentecostal Church  Happy Valley, from Phoenix, Arizona and the Romanian Pentecostal Union in the United States and Canada. We are here today, gathered in a peaceful assembly, to send a message to the Norwegian government and Barnevernet. We would like to ask in a peaceful and heartfelt way:


We are not only talking about the Bodnariu family. We are here on behalf of thousands of families form Russia, from Poland, from the Czech Republic and other countries of Europe, and, even from the country of NORWAY.  Children that were abducted by a totalitarian regime (we call it), we come from a communist regime (pre 1989) and we know what that means, and, this is worse. I feel that this is worse than communism. I feel this is worse than nazism.

The government and the state has no right over the children of a family. The parents have the rights. God gave the parents the fundamental right to raise the children. Before there was a government (instituted), there was the institution of family. Before there was a country, there was the family. Before there was a society, there was family. The history of humankind starts with the family. The government and any of its organizations is supposed to protect the family, not fight against the family. There is no system in the world that can survive if they fight against the family.

I believe Norway is a beautiful country, although I’ve never been there. I believe Norway has millions of decent people. WHERE ARE YOU ?!? WHERE ARE THOSE DECENT PEOPLE FROM NORWAY? Why aren’t you rising up to speak against the government and against Barnevernet? WE ASK THE GOOD AND DECENT PEOPLE OF NORWAY TO WAKE UP AND STAND AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT and STAND AGAINST THOSE LAWS THAT ARE BEING ABUSED! I am certain that this organization operates  by the virtue of some laws. But, if these laws allow for the organization to kidnap the children from their family, if these laws can be used against the family, CHANGE THE LAWS !!! Do SOMETHING and CHANGE THIS EVIL SYSTEM!That’s why we are here and that’s why we’re not going to stop.

I repeat: THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO PROTECT THE FAMILY. The CHURCH NEEDS to PROTECT the FAMILY. Every organization needs to protect the family  because everything starts with the family.  There is nothing more valuable in this world than the family. We have family to protect and we have faith to protect, and then we have country to protect. It starts with the family. Every parent loves their children. The government cannot take the children away. This is why we’re here. And, we are sad and we are angry. And, we are upset and it hurts. NORWAY, PLEASE GIVE THE CHILDREN BACK. Revise the system. Revise and change the laws. Do whatever it takes, but, start protecting the family. Don’t abuse the family.

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