BREAKING NEWS – Sudan death row Christian woman Meriam Ibrahim ‘ rearrested within hours of her release

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Please continue to pray for the family of Meriam Ibrahim!

The Telegraph Reporting:

There were dramatic scenes at Khartoum airport on Tuesday as Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman released from prison earlier this week following worldwide protests at her death sentence for apostasy, was detained for several hours while trying to leave the country.

The 27-year-old was held along with her American husband, Daniel Wani, and their two children, Martin, almost two, and Maya, two weeks old.

Their lawyer, Elshareef Ali Mohammed, who was with them at the time, said they were given no reason for their detention, but there were reports late Tuesday night that Ms Ibrahim faces charges of falsifying documents and statements after trying to leave the country via South Sudan for America.

Hardwired, the campaign group, was investigating reports that she was being accused of attempting to travel with false paperwork after presenting the documents provided by South Sudan with US assistance.

The group has been told that she was released on bail conditions that would mean that the unnamed person who provided the surety would be charged with the same offences if she left Sudan before the case was resolved.

Sudanese officials told their US counterparts that the family were questioned about their paperwork for several hours but not arrested.

The State Department said that Sudan had assured them of the family’s safety, and that the US was working with the Khartoum government to help them leave the country as soon as possible.

They were initially thought to be planning to fly to South Sudan – the birthplace of Mr Wani and now an independent country – as their paperwork to travel to the US was still being processed.. Ms Ibrahim and her family were taken to the airport in a US vehicle accompanied by American diplomats after South Sudan issued emergency travel paperwork for them. But the security officials at the airport apparently found problems with the documents.

Mr Wani is an American citizen and supporters of the family, backed by the senators from his state of New Hampshire, have urged the US to grant a visa to Ms Ibrahim and citizenship to their two children.

Ms Ibrahim was released from Omdurman women’s prison on Monday afternoon after state media announced that the Supreme Court had annulled the sentence. She had spent six months in a jail cell, sentenced to execution by hanging for abandoning Islam, despite her protestations that she was raised a Christian by her Ethiopian Orthodox mother after her Muslim father left.

Accompanied by her two children Ms Ibrahim was taken to a safe house in the Khartoum area on Monday afternoon. In Sudan, which imposes Sharia law, apostasy is a crime punishable by death – and earlier this month Ms Ibrahim’s own brother called for her execution unless she “returned” to Islam.

The May 15 sentence also included 100 lashes for adultery related to her marriage to Mr Wani, a Christian. Sudan does not recognise marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Some people saw the charges as the result of a family feud – and an attempt by Ms Ibrahim’s family to gain control of her successful small businesses….

From the Christian Post:

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman and mother of two, who was released from prison on Monday after previously being sentenced to death for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity has been rearrested, her legal team confirmed on Tuesday.

Less than 24 hours after Ibrahim’s lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa El-Nour, confirmed that she was free after an appeals court found the lower court’s ruling faulty, he said that Ibrahim and her husband Daniel Waniwere arrested at a Sudanese airport as they prepared to leave the country.

Ibrahim and Wani, whose husband is an American citizen, were at Khartoum airport with their two children attempting to leave the country when as many as 40 security agents detained the just-freed prisoner, according to the BBC.

Here is CNN’s story:

After her sentence drew international condemnation from rights groups and foreign embassies in Khartoum – including those of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada – an appeals court this month ruled that the judgment against her was faulty and she was released, according to her lawyer.

Her husband, Wani, called CNN on Tuesday to say he and his family were being held at the national security office, but he provided no additional information. Ibrahim’s legal team said the family was trying to leave the country when it was stopped by authorities and taken to the security headquarters.

Meanwhile, a man who says he is Ibrahim’s brother, Al-Samani Al-Hadi, slammed the appellate court’s decision and hinted at retribution.

„The family is unconvinced by the court’s decision. We were not informed by the court that she was to be released; this came as a surprise to us,” al-Hadi said Tuesday. „The law has failed to uphold our rights. This is now an issue of honor. The Christians have tarnished our honor, and we will know how to avenge it.”

Al-Hadi did not comment on Ibrahim’s detention at the airport on Tuesday. In court proceedings earlier this year, Ibrahim denied being related to al-Hadi.

Ibrahim gave birth to her second child – a girl – in prison last month. Her first child, a 1-year-old son, stayed with her at the prison but was free to leave at any time, Ibrahim’s lawyer said.

VIDEO by News Today  CNN Video A Sudanese woman freed from death row on Monday has been arrested with her family at Khartoum airport, sources have told the BBC. Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to hang in May for renouncing Islam, sparking widespread outrage at home and abroad. About 40 security agents detained Mrs Ibrahim – along with her husband Daniel Wani and two sons – at the airport, the sources said. On Monday, Mr Wani said the family intended to leave for the US.

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