1964 video captures Intervarsity’s 7th christian foreign mission conference

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Since 1946 InterVarsity has been providing a place for college students to see, hear, and respond to God’s global mission at Urbana conferences.  At Urbana students will learn about critical global issues from dynamic teachers, worship with thousands in one of the most diverse gatherings in North America, and be challenged by missional students and recent graduates who testify to God’s faithfulness to the ends of the earth.

This video below is a 16mm Ken Anderson film that captures the christian foreign missions mood of the churches in the tumultuous 60’s. At this convention, the students streamed in onto the campus of Illinois University from every state and province in the US and Canada, and 59 countries of the world (including 200 delegates from China). A harsh appraisal of the harsh realities confronting the church and the unfathomable resources of the power of God was the double barrel thrust that excited students as they weighed the totality of God’s demands on their lives and the harmony that exists between first century christianity and the  20th century world and their place in it.

At a time when protesting students are angrily staging free speech movements, dirty speech movements and free love movements, what is the magnet that draws 7,000 together to consider anything so devastatingly simple as the significance of foreign missions today. It is Intervarsity’s 7th Missionary Convention. The result was mental stimulation. It was positively exhilirating . At a time when our country was exclaiming over student irresponsibility, the atmosphere generated at this conference was one of seriousness and intense dedication, accompanied by wholesome humor and an absence of stuffiness. „Go ahead,” one father said, „but if you decide to become a missionary, don’t bother to come home.”

It was 1946 when Intervarsity launched its unique missionary endeavor. Once in every student generation- became the watchword. 600 attended that initial conclave. The number rose to 1400 at the second session. There were 1700 in 1951. Then with each 3 year span the total continued to rise. From the outset, the aims of the convention were clearly articulated.

Intervarsity Urbana 1964 Report

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