What would you preach at the funeral of a suicide.

What would you preach at the funeral of a suicide.

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7 ways to have Gospel amnesia. Wretched

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When your Christian husband won’t lead – Wretched

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VIDEO by Wretched

Will the God who would crush and kill His own Son, let you slide ?

Voddie Baucham of GraceFamilyBaptist.net:

Psalm 51 – 5 Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. 6 Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.

In other words, here’s what God desires, what God delights in, and yet- „…against You I have sinned”. Notice he didn’t say, „.. against Bathsheba I have sinned, against Uriah, I have sinned”.  No, „Against You God, and ultimately, against you only, I have sinned”. Because, who was Uriah, except the man that you created? Who was Bathsheba, but the servant of the most High God. „I sinned against You”. A holy and a righteous God.

And, that’s what worries me about „The Shack” (novel), that’s what worries me about the Rob Bell’s of the world; that’s what worries me about those who don’t want to „preach on sin, because people already know that they’re bad”.

„No, we don’t”. No, we don’t; we watch the nightly news and we think, „those people are bad, not us”. We don’t recognize that we have sinned against a holy and righteous God.

I serve the great God of the universe!, who gets angry and pours out His wrath
I serve the great God of the universe!, who demonstrated His wrath when He poured it out on  His own Son.
And, it amazes me that we believe this, that God would crush and kill His own Son, but let you slide.

Not for a minute. The spotless, sinless Lamb of God suffered and bled and died, because of the wrath of God. That propitiation in satisfaction of the righteous wrath of God, that’s what was experienced on the cross.

HOW DARE WE TAKE THAT LIGHTLY? That’s the One against whom you’ve sinned.

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Do you have to give up your homosexuality or alcoholism to become a Christian?

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Blood Money – Inside story from the abortion industry

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Young Ladies: About Those Twitter and Facebook Pictures….

As a heatwave was hitting our upper states this week, I read an interesting post  yesterday on the Chief of Least blog. In it I’ll give just two points and you can read the rest of this excellent article here – Porn: The Vile Invisible Elephant in The Church:

1)There is a giant elephant in our church sanctuaries. He sits in the back. Vile and unassuming. The deacons, choir, congregation, and even the pastor knows he’s there, yet they all try to ignore him. Meanwhile, he discreetly wreaks havoc on the soul of the church. This lurking elephant’s name is porn.

2)Should I be more careful what photos I post on Facebook, Myspace, etc.? Ladies, before you slap a legalist stamp on my forehead let me explain to you an unfortunate secret: Your non-Christian male coworkers, classmates, church members, internet lurkers, passive bystanders and neighborhood perverts in general are already looking at you lustfully.Your Christian brothers are the only ones in the world who are really trying their God given best not to. I speak for most of them when I say: Help a brother out!

Read the entire post here.

Lots to think about in our American churches where in some cases the dress code has been thrown out the window.

And here’s another example from   (via GB)

Who are you in? Paul Washer

and here’s the most thought provoking video I have found (as a woman) :

Men’s Thoughts On: Modesty

Matthew 5:27-28

Adultery in the Heart

27 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

C J Mahaney (via) Gabi Bogdan

An honest assessment from guys:

  • The temptation towards lust does not stop. It is continual, it is aggressive, it does all it can to lead men down to death.
  • The way an immodest girl presents herself to the world is bait for my sinful mind
  • there’s not  a man I know that doesn’t struggle with lust
  • it is disappointing to walk into a church or church event and face the same temptations I face in the world
  • to the girls who don’t follow the pattern of the world – Thank You! You are following Scriptures command and helping your brothers in the process.
  • Let us be a church where men are committed to purity and women are committed to modesty

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What guys think about modesty, posted with vodpod

and one for the ladies:

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