UPDATE Noi PROTESTE sunt anuntate in SUA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPA ( incl. ROMANIA ) » Scheduled protests for Bodnariu family

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  1. Andrei Ilie Culda
    ian. 21, 2016 @ 10:05:09

    [„It is indeed high time that the organs of the European Parliament should investigate the violations of children’s and their parents’ Human Rights that are being perpetrated by the social authorities and the administrative court systems in the Nordic countries. Children and their parents and relatives are being traumatised and they are suffering immeasurable pain at the hands of insensitive bureaucrats. Children and young people are dying unnecessarily, either because of criminal neglect or suicide. Even children under eight years of age, who are in public care, have threatened to take their own lives or attempted to do so. We, the signatories, duly submit this report and request for immediate investigation to the European Parliament Petition Committee, today, December 23, 2013.” Signatories: Lawyers, including members of the NCHR/NKMR Lawyers in the media Former judges, law professors and other professors Investigating Psychologists and professors Medical doctors] Extras din raportul Comitetului Nordic pentru Drepturile Omului, 2013. Numele semnatarilor apar la final – ar trebui luata legatura cu ei, cu siguranta aportul lor la miscarile recente ar avea un efect puternic. http://www.nkmr.org/docs/Report_to_the_European_Parliament_Petitions_Committee.pdf


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