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Worship music comes in all forms. Not all songs are edifying. Some are biblical, but the music is loud, fast, etc. But, the great news is that most worship songs  are indeed  very uplifting. I’ve decided to feature some of these unusual songs I come across when searching music videos, in my free time. For someone who played one or more music instruments, like myself, I love and delight in music. One thing I can’t delight in , though, is if the words are not Christ honoring. So, sometimes I may feel uneasy at the loudness of the steel guitars (and yes, there are rock songs that I can’t/won’t listen to at all) or I feel totally uneasy at the dancing that some listeners display (sorry, but when it looks like sensual  dancing, I can’t sit and watch, that just does it for me). So as I start posting songs, randomly as I come across them, please keep in mind that I do not agree with everything in these videos and perhaps sometime (not too frequently) I will even post some that I totally disagree with to make my point.

So here’s the first by Jesus Culture from their „Your love never fails” album available at http://www.jesusculture.org And if you happen to like Jesus Culture, here is one more song „I NEED YOU MORE”.

Powerful words!

Holy Lyrics
Jesus Culture

Just one look on your face
Just one glad of your eyes
My whole world is changed
My whole world is changed

All I seek, only to see your face
I don’t wanna go anywhere without you God
Without your presence
Oh, let me see your face
The beauty of your holiness God
Take me in to the holy place

And only one word comes to mind
There’s only one word to describe
Only one word comes to mine
There’s only one word to describe

Holy, holy
Lord God Almighty

There’s no one like you
You are Holy, holy

Consumed 2009  Source: http://www.jesusculture.com/  Uploaded by 

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