Film – Apocalipsa lui Ioan

Apocalipsa este o carte greu de interpretat, si probabil e si mai greu a selecta secvente din carte pentru filmare. Totusi, e un film care merita vazut!

There are so many interpretations and views on the book of Revelation, that a movie could never accurately portray the apocalyptic genre of writing. I would challenge everyone to read the book of Revelation and different commentaries, as well as watch this movie. It is not meant as a scare tactic, but as an additional Bible study aid.

For anyone interested in studying the book of Revelation, there is a great site – Monergism, that offers MP3 (audio) studies on different chapters of the book.(The audio studies are offered by one of the most respected, Christian theologian – D.A. Carson) All of us have to admit that we were once fearful when reading this book, however, upon studying it within the context of the great hope we have in God’s saving grace, it helps us appreciate it for its richness in theology and the ultimate hope of salvation in God.

If anyone else has links to great Bible study materials for Revelation please submit them in a comment below this article. Revelation is a future subject for this blog, so I will truly appreciate insight from readers.

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